Counseling Service

Human service counseling services consists of therapeutic teaching for a specific skill and to modify behaviors.  We provide intervention, one-on-one supervision in emergency and/or potentially critical situations. Also, provide regular supervision as necessary.  With supervised visits to observe and report on interactions between parents/guardians and their children.

In our mentoring service,  we work with young adults, teaching them life skills to ensure and prepare for a healthy future.

Some duties of our Human Service Counselors Include:

  • Specialize in working with children, youth and families whom are experiencing difficulties from a range of social, emotional or behavioural challenges.
  • Providing professional support to parents and their children by guiding them in having a stronger family unity
  • Offering youth mentoring services.
  • Crisis intervention counselling
  • Supervising access visits allowing for parents and children to reconnect in a safe environment
  • Respite relief for families in distress

If you, or someone you know, perhaps a loved one, is need of human service counseling services, please contact us for a free in-home consultation. One of our qualified staff would be happy to follow-up with you and answer all of your questions.

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