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The service they provide for this home and these children is invaluable

I have been connected with Integrity Home Health Services as the Foster Parent of some children from Social Development. It has been off and on for quite a number of years. Integrity provides transportation services, mentoring services,a shoulder to cry on,or just everyday chit-chat on a day when you just need someone to listen.

Whatever we need done to help these children while they are with us – Integrity can and does provide.They are so professional and sweet and most of all – compassionate – I would recommend them to anyone who need’s a little extra help . As a Foster Parent – the service they provide for this home and these children is invaluable.

Foster Parent
Moncton NB, Client

I look forward to their visits each day!

I have had Integrity assist with my care since 2000 due to my ms. The girls assist me to maintain my home as well as my personal hygiene.  I look forward to their visits each day!  

If I did not receive their assistance then I would not be able to stay in my home. Home is where I want to be so I am thankful for integrity and the lovely personal care aides they send to me! Many times I have been asked if the girls are my family and if I could I would have them as my family!  They are always happy, pleasant and professional.   I would recommend Integrity to anyone whom is in need of home care!

Moncton NB, Client

My life is no longer dreary

I was struck by a major stroke while in hospital, I lost faith in hopes of ever walking and using my left arm and hand.  I was introduced to integrity by a commercial on TV and my whole world started to change for the  better.

I met a lady who was to become my PCA.   She has motivated me so much that I am now walking and beginning to use my left hand and arm in which they said they I would never do.   My life is no longer dreary.

With the Lord’s help and Integrity’s I am going to be walking before spring.

Thank you for being there Integrity!

Saint John NB, Client

Integrity means complete care

For a comfortable, tidy home, companionship and good humour, a nice cup of tea or a meal.

Integrity means complete care, Integrity lifts me up.

Moncton NB, Client

Very grateful to Integrity Home Health Services

I contacted Connie Hart about 7 years ago, when my daughter Luisa who suffers from MS started to feel the disabling effects of her disease. As I live in Europe and  am, therefore, unable to be there for her, I found, in Connie, the best possible replacement for a caring mother.

Luisa has been increasingly more dependent on Connie and her staff and they have never failed her, both in professional competence and in the love and care she requires. She is presently in hospital, and, even there she receives the visits of Brea, who continues to do the treatments she receives when she is home. I am, as any mother will understand, very grateful to Integrity Home Health Services and just wish they may continue giving all those in need the help they have given our family.

Fredericton NB Client

I’m happy to enjoy the services of Integrity

I’ve been with Integrity in Saint John for over ten years and now I’m in Dieppe.   I’m happy to enjoy the services of Integrity once again.   

I have the same good fortune of having the same girls coming to assist me on a daily basis.  Both staff and employees are extremely professional.

They exude both a sincere concern and compassion for their clients.  My children are all very pleased with the level of care I receive.  We would all happily recommend Integrity Home Health Care Services to anyone.

Dieppe NB Client

We appreciate all the assistance

We have integrity (Integrity Home Health Services) assist us for about 10 years. There are many reasons that we choose integrity. For example the personal care aides are personal, competent and approachable. They assist us with all aspects of daily living.

When we began this journey we were very reluctant to have a stranger come into our home and personal space. With the people whom work with us we now call them our chosen family. With special thank you’s going out to the ladies Heidi, Breanne and Tera. We enjoy our time with each of our chosen family.

If we did not have help both of us would have to live an assisted living environment and we are young men and not ready to do this.

Since we have had the staff we have learned more ways to assist ourselves with their teachings and look forward to helping with meals and things we were not able to do before the came into our lives. Now that we have had the assistance we are more relaxed and comfortable to be ourselves. We have new found talents such as Rob painting.


We appreciate all the assistance and would recommend this company for anyone in need of home care.

Chris & Rob Burlingame
Fredericton Client

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